Camperdown College Lawn Mower Racing Team

Progress Report 22/5/2015

Over the past few weeks we have made quite a few decisions and had to do a fair bit of research. A big issue we have faced is the rear drive chain.
The first option was to buy a plate sprocket and have it machined to fit a custom built hangar. This involved quite a bit liaising with local engineers and also trying to source a plate sprocket that would match the #428 chain or choosing a different chain size and fabricating a new front sprocket also.
In the end the we researched all motorbikes that used #428 chain. Then we searched through those models to find a suitable sprocket with 44 teeth. We have found that a Suzuki DS80 runs a solid sprocket, #428 chain, 44 teeth and costs $35. We have purchased a second disc brake hangar from CQ Racing and will mount it on out axle and turn the inner lip down to accept the DS80 sprocket. This will give us a simple set up that allows easy ordering of different size sprockets and replacements. It will also cost a lot less labour than our first option.

The team wanted to keep the bonnet as low as possible for that "slammed" or "rat rod" look, problem is that the engine sits too high.
We cut a relief in the bonnet and had decided to fabricate a scoop when we build our new rear guards. In the end one of the boys sources a fibreglass scoop which provides the clearance, excellent airflow and the look we wanted. The next hurdle was a seat. As our machine will have different drivers we couldn't run a snug go kart seat. We also had to be mindful of the width to keep it off the guards. The local tractor shop was able to supply us with a lightly padded seat similar to the original. Set up on adjustable slots the seat works well. Lateral support is a major concern but we are adding a rear roll bar and have decided to run some padded bars extending from that along side the seat and down to the chassis. This will mean we can adjust fit by using less or more padding on these lateral supports.

Our donor bike came with an almost new set of Renthal bars, so we have bought some cheap risers off ebay and mounted them to a steel plate. Grasshopper has offered his services to connect the steering and we will be on a field trip to Bendigo in the next few weeks.

The boys are working through clearance issues for the kick starter (we thought our bike WAS electric start!!), fuel tank design and general strengthening of the airings. Foot boards are in progress and running the exhaust has been a point of discussion. This is all part of the fun of building your own machine!!

This week were were fortunate enough to secure five major sponsors who are helping with the last few parts and contributing to the race day. They are Brophy Family and Youth Services- School Focused Youth Services, Camperdown Home Hardware, Camperdown Stihl Shop, Magnum Welders and the Corangamite Shire. All of these sponsors are 100% behind the Camperdown College Mow Down on Sept 12 and will be there on the day. We also had the first (of many I can see) interviews for the local paper who were intrigued with the sport and the perfect fit that it is for senior school projects.


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