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Whilst you might be mistaken in thinking we are all about having fun, you'd be right, but we all know just how hard it is to raise money, so this is our main focus (along with having fun doing it) helping your Group or Organisation raise funds


So how do we do it, we want our Community Groups and Organisations to have a successful and profitable day, so we do everything we can to ensure that happens, this starts with us not charging you, for us to attend your event. We are often asked what's the catch we must charge something, how do we make any money otherwise? All our funds come from our Members, in the way of Membership and race entry fees, this is where we are able to get the funds we need to run and operate our club, pay for our insurance, lights, flags, banners etc. but most importantly the extras, the things we can bring to an event to help reduce an organisers cost, like Witches Hats to mark out the track, a PA system, marquee etc. all these things cost money to hire/ have, but if we can lighten the load on our organisers then that's more money in their kitty and that makes us happy!



As we all know all too well it takes time to build funds and that's no different with us, but we are now fortunate enough to be in the situation of not only helping raise funds in our normal way, but by giving a donation to a deserving cause.


Each year at our AGM suggestions are put forward and voted on as to who will be the recipient of that years VicMow donation, these donations come straight from VicMow's coffers, they're not done through fundraising efforts or asking for donations, simply from the money we receive from our Members be it membership or race fees.

Read on to find out who we've chosen and why.




Variety Club

In 2018 we decided Variety Club, the Children's Charity would be our first recipient of a VicMow donation.

If you are not aware of who the Variety Club are or what they do, please take the time to follow the link and learn more, they really are an amazing organisation and one to seriously consider donating to if you are able. Learn More


We the had the pleasure of meeting a very special man who goes by the name "Cowboy" who had been involved with the Variety Club Bash's for around 20 years, each bash Cowboy would go along and act as a support vehicle for the other vehicles, he had a mobile workshop in his truck and was able to do most roadside repairs. We were fortunate enough to have Cowboy come along and help out at our Lang Lang race and he was well utilised. Although no longer participating in the bash, he was not about to let that donation go, as an extraordinary man and extremely passionate about the Variety club and what they do

Cowboy put us in touch with Shane Bysouth, who owns car 71A and is one of the competitors in the 4wd adventure for many years.


Shane came along to our AGM and gave a talk to our Members on what the Variety Club does and about the bash itself, his enthusiasm and stories proved a big hit and has some of our Members thinking about participating in it themselves. At the conclusion we had the absolute pleasure to present Shane with a cheque for $1,000. We will be following Shane's journey on the bash in March 2020 and look forward to seeing his adventures along the way, you can follow along with us on our Facebook page.





If you would like to make a donation to help Shane reach his target (all funds go directly to Variety Club) you can donate here




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