Hosting an Event

First off Congratulations on considering VicMow for your next fundraiser!


No doubt you have many questions and are wondering on the best way to sell it to the rest of your committee, hopefully we can answer some of those here, but most of all, don't fear once deciding on VicMow for your event, you will have someone on call to help you every step of the way!


The most important thing you need to know is we won't charge you anything, nada, zip, zilch, not a dime, unless you are a business, in which case we still won't charge you anything, however we do ask that you simply make a donation to a local Community group, that's it.


We will need a couple of things from you, first off and the most important thing is land, we need somewhere we can race, it needs to be a decent size parcel of land and preferably smooth, it doesn't have to be dead flat (we've raced up slopes, inclines before) once you've found a spot a member will come out and meet with you and have a look at your area and let you know if it will be suitable, and trophies, don't worry these don't have to be anything flash, we aren't out to break your budget! But our Members travel from all over the State to compete and it's nice if they can have something to take home.


We have our own insurance that covers us if anything were to go wrong from our end, you just need to organise insurance for the rest of your event (most organisations have this already, so it shouldn't be an issue, keep in mind we do events for School's and Scouts, without any issues)


When looking for a venue, ideally you want somewhere that has toilets and a fenced off area, otherwise we will need some type of barrier/fencing, unfortunately we can't supply this but we can certainly help you out with suggestions of ways to source it.


Once you've decided to go ahead with an event we will send you out a pack with further information and Member will be in touch to meet with you and help you out with any advice or help you need. We want your event to be a successful one!





Our VCAL students have been hosting the 'Camperdown Mowdown' with VicMow now for 5 years. The support from the VicMow members has been incredible. They are a very supportive, passionate and family orientated group of people who love what they do. Hosting an event has been an incredible experience for our students and one that they look forward to every year.

Sue Maskell

Camperdown College


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