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Progress Report 3/3/2015

Over the last two weeks the team has been manufacturing the engine mounts and considering the steering and drive components. Initially we made the mounts too low which made it difficult to connect the mounting bolts and also limited the room for the kick starter to rotate fully. These will be redesigned this week before our machine heads over to an engineer in a neighbouring town for the axle components to be measured and ordered.

Last weekend Brian and Dianne Huggins made a special visit to check on our progress and offer some well needed advice! Brian was able to point us in the right direction from his years of very considered experience! It’s been great talking to Brian about design issues with a focus on reliability, safety and effectiveness.

Brian reminded us of the following considerations:
-          Build all of the driveline components so that none of them extend below the bottom chassis rails.
-          Position the motor so that the brand name is horizontal when the chassis is in its final position.
-          Construct the engine mounts so that the four sites on the engine come down to just two sites on the chassis to allow easy removal of the engine.
-          Use Nyloc nuts EVERYWHERE!
-          Strengthen the panels, particularly where they pivot from.
-          There’s plenty of clearance even if the rear axle is mounted 100mm above the bottom chassis rail.
-          The steering pivots and joints seem to work properly when there are no 90 degree angles between them (this prevents locking up).
-          Strengthen the cross members that hold the brake components to prevent flex.
-          Build the rear axle keyways so that they can’t vibrate out of their slots.
-          To gain clearance for the rear tyres we will have to custom build our mud guards.
-          Source a simple go kart seat for lateral stability.


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