Racing is comprised of heats from the 4 classes, both Men and Women compete in the various classes, but don't be mistaken, these ladies are just as fierce competitors as their male counterparts.

Beside engine capacity, each class also has it's own characteristic, this is perhaps one of the things that sets mower racing worlds apart from other competitive motorsport.




Junior mowers must either have a 110cc or 125cc standard motor, they must be as identical performance wise as possible to ensure the racing is even, whilst there is no set age a child can start racing they must be able to show an ability to control their mower and demonstrate an understanding of the flags/lights and be able to listen and follow instructions, anyone who has children will tell you these traits are not defined by age! Sportsmanship and confidence building are the main criteria for our Juniors, it is not unusual to see one of the older competitors, slow down and let one of the younger or yet to have a win Juniors, win a race.



C Class

C Class, once referred to as the budget class, (due to motors being cheaper than it's counterparts) is the next step up for our Junior racers, here they get to mix it up with some of the best racers in the club.


This class is made up of the young and not so young and whilst their mowers may not go quite as fast as the B and A class it is still a highly competitive class, it has to be, there's too much at stake when you have a Father and Son and a Mother and Son competeing against each other!


Engines are only able to be a 4 stroke engine up to 200cc This is due to it being the next step up for our Juniors, once they reach the age of 16, they must stay in C Class until they reach 18 and then they can move into B or A Class if they choose.



B Class

B Class engines range from 201cc up to 250cc they can be either 2 or 4 stroke motors.


B Class is the most competitive class and has been described as "mower racing on steroids", these guys and gals take their racing seriously (well most of the time anyway) although they are still mates off the track, once that light turns green it's everybody for themselves!



A Class

A Class, also know as the Gentleman's/Larrikin's Class, which is ironic as these guys have the most powerful engines.


A Class mowers have engines anywhere form 251cc up to 450cc, 2 or 4 stroke


The only thing these guys take seriously is their bragging rights and ribbing of each other, this class is predominately made up of what some may call the class clowns, they'll tell you when the lights go green there's no mates on the track but we know better.





On a serious note, regardless of the class, these racers are all mates off and on the track and on the rare occasion one of them has a spill, racing is quickly abandoned and their mates well being is the only thought they have


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