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One of the first questions we are usually asked is, can I modify the engine and make it go faster?


 Most newcomers seem to think you need the fastest and most powerful engine to win races, WRONG…You need to step back a bit and re-think the whole scenario of racing ride on mowers, because until you have driven one of these beasts, you can’t appreciate just how fast they really are, to quote Jamie Whincup "these mowers are fast!" How does he know, because Jamie and Craig Lowndes actually raced one of our A Class mowers when they did the Vodafone Lawnmower Challenge and were blown away by the speeds they were capable of. (Google Vodafone Mower Mayhem or lawn mower challenge on You Tube and have a look)


 It’s no good going fast if you can’t steer, handle or stop. All forms of motor sport are dangerous and Mower Racing is probably more so, as you don’t have the protection of a roll cage and a car body if something goes wrong at around 75kph.


It's all about keeping it as safe as possible and good clean fun, These beasts may not look that fast when you’re watching them, but they really are quick and it’s awesome fun doing around 75kph with your bum only a few inches off the dirt.




Mower to be Recognisable as a Mower

Mowers must be built from an original ride on mower and be recognised as a commercially available domestic ride on lawn mower, it must retain as many original manufacturers parts as possible. Any remanufacturing of body parts is to  be the same specifications and materials as the manufacturer. Refabricating rear guards to cover tyres is recommended.



Motors and Engines

Motors are to be motorbike engines only.

No forced induction systems such as turbo/supercharged or fuel injected engines are permitted. Only internal combustion engines, naturally aspirated and carbureted are allowed.



Tyres; A, B and C Class

Believe it or not, tyres are one of the biggest issues we have in mower racing, our first priority is safety, folowed by what is likely to do the least amount of damage to an area.


For these reasons we are very strict as to what type of tyres can be used. The only rear tyres permitted are Carlisle Turf Tamers or Kenda Scorpions, tractor lugs are not permitted. All front tyres must have tubes, so as not to de-bead.






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