VicMow Club Member of the Year


Election Criteria

In the past 12 months, this person must have;

1) Upheld the values of VicMow and acted within the rules at all times

2) Gone over and above what is expected of them.

3) Shown leadership and volunteered to help when needed

4) Must be a financial member of VicMow.

The club member of the Year is selected by the current Club member of the year and President

It is presented at the Annual General Meeting





2015 Recipient:
Laurie Young

Laurie Young was and still is an integral part of VicMow, if it wasn't for Laurie Young, there may not even be a VicMow. It was his vision for a club to serve the Hazelwood and District area, that gave the VicMow founding members somewhere to focus their energy and drive to make what was initially the Hazelwood and District lawn mower Club, what you now know as VicMow, to be what is today. Laurie is a much respected person and Member who the Committee still turn to for advice and his input.


Laurie was able to speak to local businesses in the area and secured an allotment of land that could be used to be a home track in Morwell, unfortunately this did not end up coming to fruition as the land, which appeared perfect with just a bit of work, ended up going to need some serious dollars put in to it. Laurie is the reason we have the safety barriers at the Briagolong track as he was able to coordinate with the Local Coates Hire business who kindly donated, the barriers which we now use.


Although no longer racing due to shoulder injuries and his ower moved on to a new home, Laurie still comes along to as many events as he can and is ready and eager to jump in and help out in any way he can.






2016 Recipient:
Di Huggins

Di Huggins was awarded the Member of the Year in 2016 due to all the amazing work she does for VicMow. Not only does Di spend her race days taking photos for everyone to enjoy, she steps in and helps out wherever else she may be needed, whether it's with paperwork at the start of race day, speaking to spectators or potential race organisers, Di is always ready and willing to step in.


But what most are not aware of, is how much she does behind the scenes. It's Thanks to Di that we have our Constitution, Di spent many, many months researching, writing, editing and communicating with the other Board Members to ensure the constitution was "just right" and something we can all be proud of.


Not only that but Di is our resident wordsmith, when something needs to be proof read or just reworded Di is the guru, the one we all turn to.


Unfortunately we don't have a photo of Di receiving her award but we do have one of her, with the following years recipient, Troy.

2017 Recipient:
Troy Saunders


Troy Saunders was the 2017 recipient of the award and for those who weren't there, will be extremely suprised to hear, that when presented with the trophy, he was for the first time ever speechless, yes you read that right!


Troy recieved the award for, always helping with setting up track, gazebo’s, signs and always packing up after the race meetings. Mentoring junior drivers.

Helping out when mowers aren’t going. Random acts of kindness and lastly helping with club promotion, work with the drone/website.



2018 Recipient: Rob Colquhoun




Rob Colquhoun was our 2018 recipient, unable to attend the AGM he was presented the trophy at our first race back, Hamilton.


Rob received the award for his tireless efforts in track set up and dismantling, helping out on the track marshalling when not racing, promoting VicMow and

trying his hardest to find new venues for us to race at. Whilst you might not be able to tell from the photo, receiving the trophy ment alot to rob





2019 Recipient: Darren Martin


Darren Martin was the 2019 recipient of the award From the first race Darren attended with Daniel, he has been on the go, whether it's packing up or set up of the track, helping out on the track when not racing, even when he's supposed to be resting (who can forget Darren out on the track at Dargo only weeks after having his knee operated on!)

To chasing up and organising new races, Darren has done it all and is a well deserving recipient of the award!




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