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Want to know where and when we are racing, click here to find a list of our dates.
Better yet, download our calendar, stick it on the fridge, your tool box or give it pride of place in your Man Cave, wherever you choose to put it, you'll know where and when to find us!
Pit Area
You've decided you want to try your hand at building one of these machines, or at least see what's involved. This is where you'll find all the nity gritty stuff, the rules, paperwork etc.
Pit Pass
An understanding of some of the basics of mower racing can make it more enjoyable to watch and also gives a brief insight to anyone thinking about joining us!
Here you can find out about the days racing format, the basic rules and most importantly, get the inside scoop on what makes each class unique.
Meet the Racers
Want to know more about the mowers and racers you see on the track?
Get a behind the scenes look at who they are, what they're racing and what's under the hood
Further event details and results of previous events, can be found here.
What We're About
VicMow is all about friends, good times, laughter, fundraising and some good old fashioned competition thrown in, just for fun

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