Why do we have Rules?



Our rules are in place for a reason and they have been carefully thought out by a group of people who have been collectively involved in the sport for over

50 yrs.


Rules are an important part of racing, our rules are what ensures everyone can remain competitive without breaking the bank, they are also there to ensure everyone goes home in one piece

Most other forms of motor sport have become unrestricted and racers spend a fortune on engine and chassis modifications and that puts it out of reach of many people. We are trying to keep Mower Racing as cheap as possible and stop it becoming cheque book racing where the teams with the biggest budget ALWAYS WIN.


It’s all about keeping it as safe as possible and good clean fun. These beasts may not look that fast when you’re watching them, but they really are quick and it’s awesome fun doing around 75kph with your bum only a few inches off the dirt.

The spirit of fun and friendly competition is to be maintained at ALL times.



How Rules are Passed



VicMow's rules are designed to ensure only the people they affect get a say, you the racer.


No rule can be passed unless it has a 75% majority vote and not just anyone can vote, you must either have a full racing membership or be a Committee Member, this means no one can come in and "stack the vote" to push it through. Anyone can submit a rule change, however they have to provide supporting documentation showing why it needs to be changed, you can't just decide you want to change a rule "willy nilly" you have to show the Committee and Members why this rule needs to be changed (further information on changing a rule can be found in the VicMow Constitution)



Recent Rule Changes


On Saturday 6th April 2019 VicMow held a Special Resolution Meeting to clarify some rules, include rules that are in the Constitution to the Club and Racing Rules and put some new rules in place, these were as follows:


To define Motors as motorbike engines.


Include a standard for "mower swapping"


Set a maximum length of mowers:The maximum length of any mower shall be no longer than 2050mm.


Removing the words Model Rules and replacing Model rules to say, the Constitution of the Victorian Mower Racing Association. Include also the definition of constitution


Include the following rules from the Constitution into the Club and Racing Rules:

Grievance Procedure:


The grievance procedure applies to disputes between:

a) A member and another member or

b) A member and the committee or

c) A member and the association

A member must not initiate a grievance procedure for any matter that is the subject of the disciplinary procedure. The parties involved must attempt to resolve the dispute between themselves within 14 days.


Any dispute that arises on the race track must be taken to the Chief Steward immediately after the race. Once you leave the track, there is no option for further action. The pit area is not the place to air your grievance.

The Grievance form can be downloaded from the Pit Area of the VicMow website.

Refer to the VicMow Constitution for further information.


No member has the right to abuse any person involved in race day management example Lap scorers. Starter, flag marshals, etc. This will result in further action being taken.


The following rule has been included in the Code of Conduct:

The Committee’s decision is final.

If you elect to appeal a decision made by the Committee then you must make a written application of your decision to appeal, to the Board of Directors within 7 days, you must provide ALL communications regarding the matter to the Board. The Board will respond within 14 days with their decision.

Be advised that the Board will only overturn a Committee decision under extreme, extenuating circumstances.

Lodging an appeal will also incur a 6 month racing suspension.

Once an initial decision has been received from the Committee no further contact or communication with Committee Members, General Members or Board Members over this matter will be tolerated. The Board may contact you to further discuss or receive more information about the matter.

If you choose to ignore the correct procedure and contact, berate or harass individual Committee Members, Board Members or the Committee as a collective, over this decision, you understand that by doing so, this will result in your Membership being suspended or cancelled permanently and you forfeit any fees you have paid.


Junior Mowers


Several amendments were made to the Junior rules these included clarifying the wording of the Junior rules, due to some confusion.

Reinstating the use of Honda Postie engines, due to their reliability and adding side intrusion to the footrest for safety reasons.


The clarified portion of the Junior rule now reads:

“Junior modified class “J” means a ride on lawn mower which has been altered from the manufacturer’s specifications in any structural or mechanical aspect.


The drive gear for the chosen sprocket combination is front sprocket & rear sprocket combination linked by 1 single drive chain only. Juniors must have enclosed side intrusion on the footrest, with a minimum height of 100mm, that runs full length from rear of front tyre to front of rear tyre.


110cc Honda Postie bike or standard pit bike 4 stroke engine @4.6 kw/7500rpm only, FULLY AUTOMATIC, 14 tooth front and 37 tooth rear sprockets with a maximum rear tyre diameter of 410mm. Front & rear sprockets linked by 1 single drive chain ONLY.


110cc Honda Postie bike or standard pit bike 4 standard bike 4 stroke engine @ 4.6 kw/7500 rpm only or 125cc standard pit bike 4 stroke engine up to 5.7 kw/7500 rpm only, MANUAL, SEMI AUTOMATIC, must have a restricted gear set of 13 tooth front and 49 tooth rear with a maximum rear tyre diameter of 410mm, front & rear sprockets linked by 1 single drive chain ONLY


Juniors must have enclosed side intrusion on the footrest, with a minimum height of 100mm, that runs full length from rear of front tyre to front of rear tyre.



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