Troy Saunders

Nickname: Taz
Age: 21
Mower Type/Engine: Rally Roper, Yamaha Ag 200 motor
Mower Name: Vodafone (it was used in the Vodafone Mower Mayhem promotion)
Team Name: TJ Racing
Other Family Members Racing: Dad-Marty, A Class
Brother- Josh, A Class
Years Racing: 11
First Race: Lascelles 2008
Favourite Race/Track: berrigan 2010, the short cut, water trap
First Race Win: Lascelles 2008
Favourite thing about racing: The comraderie between fellow racers
Hobbies: Being a nuisance and getting underfoot. Creating elaborate solutions to simple problems
Occupation/What you want to do when you finish School: Resident funny guy, Mechatronic Engineer

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