Marty Saunders

VicMow Founding Member



Nickname: Fella
Age: 48
Mower Type/Engine: Cub Cadet, KTM 380
Mower Name: Armageddon
Team Name: TJ Racing
Other Family Members Racing: Sons- Josh, A Class
Troy, C Class and Jo and Jessica usually help out on the day
Years Racing: 11 started in 2008
First Race: Berrigan 2008 (3rd place)
Favourite Race/Track: Hard to pick, recently Hamilton was great fun, the organisers looked to have as much fun as us.
Camperdown college and Colac Scouts put on a great show for a good cause and the Camperdown Students always bring out their best race team
Best Race Result: I think a racer will always remeber their first win, Salt Creek was mine. Cheered by other racers as I left the track. Mower racers are a special breed, always supporting each other
Favourite thing about racing: Of course I enjoy the racing side, but these crazy guys and gals make me laugh. Always look forward to every race meeting.
Some days we struggle getting stuff done in the mornign because we are too busy catching up.
over night or full weekend away races are the most enjoyable, as we catch up for dinner/BBQ or a few drinks.
Hobbies: Mower racing, Motorbike Riding. Is Beer a hobby?
Occupation: Chief button pusher at Bluescope Steel, 30 years and still going strong

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