Jayden White

Mower Type/Engine: Rover Rancher, 125cc
Mower Name: Squirtin Dirt
Team Name: Moocow Racing Team
Other Family Members Racing: Dad- Darren, A Class
Mum- Amanda, C Class
Brother- Caleb, B Class
Years Racing: 8
First Race: Cowwarr
Favourite Race/Track: Dargo
Favourite race was Camperdown, with 8 other Junior racers
Best Race Result: First win was my first race at Cowwarr.
Best race result Camperdown 2018, first in all my heats and first in Junior All In
Favourite thing about racing: Everyone is a big family with lots of laughs on and off the track
Hobbies: Fishing, Guitar, Drums, Footy, Trucks, Motorbikes, B 'n' S, Utes and being a Country Boy.
Occupation/What you want to do when you finish School: When I finish School I want to be a Cattle Truck Driver, Country Boy, Jackaroo and be winner of the Deni Ute Muster and Australian Circle Work Champion.

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