Debra Tormey

VicMow Founding Member



Age: 50
Mower Type/Engine: Victa, AG 200
Mower Name: Time Mowchine
Team Name: Team Tormey
Other Family Members Racing: Husband- Greg, A Class
Son- Adam, C Class
Son- Braden, Juniors
Years Racing:
First Race: Poowong
Favourite Race/Track: Colac
Best Race Result: 1st win was at Colac.
1st place overall was Dargo 2018. I have managed to beat Grasshopper once.
Favourite thing about racing: Meeting new people and the friendships.
Hobbies: Netball umpiring, reading and volunteering- Scouts, Canteen, Netball
Occupation/What you want to do when you finish School: Helping Greg with our mowing business and lots of volunteering

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