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Welcome to VicMow

The Victorian Mower Racing Association (VicMow) is a not for profit organisation designed for lawn mower racers, by lawn mower racers. VicMow was founded in 2014 by a group of like minded people based on the core values of fun, friendship, integrity, sportsmanship and respect. Our sole focus is on providing affordable family friendly entertainment for both the competitors and the local communities, who benefit from these events.......

We provide racers, their families and friends the opportunity to get involved with competitive racing that is fun, friendly and affordable, whilst helping raise valuable funds for local Community groups and organisations..........

Want to know where you can see us, or where you're racing next. The complete list of races, demonstartions and static display's are all here.
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This is where you'll find everything you need to know to get started racing and to become a Member.
All the rules, applications and forms can be downloaded from here.
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Need help with your mower build, or interested in holding, or having us at your event. Or would just like some more information, you will find the right person to speak to here.
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In Valuable funds, for Community groups and Organisations
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Teams and Drivers

Want to know more about the mowers you see on the track?
Click on the class to find out what mower it is; who's racing it and what's under the hood.

VicMow is proud to support the following Community groups and Organisations

Rotary Club of Koo Wee Rup - Lang Lang                                  Camperdown College                        

Maffra Show Society                                                                   Moe Apex/Lions Club                       

Australian Tractor Pullers Association                                         Dargo CFA                                   

Neerim and District Show Society                      
                        Churchill Family Fun Day                         

Hamilton Motorsport Park                                                            Glenthompson Mens Shed Project              

Longford Good Friday Family Day                                                Colac Scouts

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