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Marty Saunders  0410 051 463
Debra Tormey 0402 846 411  (Secretary)
Hank Burton   0447 452 636
Brian Huggins 0354 470514
Darren White  0429 941 894
Laurie Young  0427 598 918

For assistance with building your mower please email the secretary, with the area you are in and we will endevaour to put you in touch with someone near you.
Membership is strictly by application only, you can send a request for application to the secreatry, stating your details and the information below;

Application for membership

(1) To apply to become a member of VICMOW, you must submit a written application to the committee stating that you-
(a) wish to become a member of VICMOW and why; and
(b) support the purposes of VICMOW; and
(c) agree to comply and abide with the Rules of VICMOW.
Please be advised, in accordance with the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012, VICMOW reserves the right to refuse a membership application.

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